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Our Plants: The Reinassance Garden

In this page we have tried to describe and show you our production of obliged forms set aside to fit gardens in a Reinassance style.
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Buxus Sempervirens Arborescens 016
We have in our production this kind of Buxus in the following forms and sizes: ball from 35 to 120 cm; cone from  70 to 120 cm; pyramid from 90 to 120 cm; cube from 45 to 80 cm; cylinder from 50 to 80 cm. These plants can  be delivered with wire or in a red vase.
Legustrum Atrovirens  017 -
Our production of this sort of plants consists of the classical ball-form. Sizes: from 100 to 200. Delivery with wire or red vase.
Taxus Baccata 018 
Forms and sizes: ball from 100 to 140 cm; cone from 125 to 250 cm. These plants can be delivered with wire or red vase.
Viburnum Tinus


We have in our production this kind of plant in the ball-form, sizes from 100 to 200 cm. This plant is delivered with vase.
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