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 Our firm extends currently as far as more then 60 hectars, shared in
 6 nurseries, placed in the land near Bologna.

 Our firm is specialized  in the realization of the following products:

  • trees for the city landscaping furniture (gardens, avenues, parcs).

  • plants in obliged forms for the Renaissance garden plants in obliged forms for the Japanese garden

  • woodplants

 Our prices and our quality allow our customers to get winning
 Our task has always been that one, to achieve a best quality
 production, by availing ourselves of innovative and efficacious
 methodologies, in order to succeed in making competitive prices.All
 this allow us to export our plants to the Middle-Northern Europe

 Street forniture
 Our firm produces a best quality plantation, that satisfies the
 requested properties, in order to achieve the realization of wild
 gardens, wooded avenues and parkings.

 Our quality, that, from an aesthetic point of view, is defined by
 uniform and well proportioned crowns and straight trunks, is
 completed by very good taking roots results.
The commercialized
 plants have a least circumference of 12-14 cm (sized at one meter
 from ground) until a largest one of 50-60 cm.
 We grow a wide assortment of plantation in the following species:

 aceri, betulle, carpini, catalpe, aesculus, alnus, albitsia, celtis, cercis,
 corjlus, crataegus, fraxinus, gingko, gleditsia, juglans, koerleuteria,
 liquidambar, liriodendron, malus, morus, ostria, parrothia, platanus,
 populus, prunus, pyrus, quercus, robinia, sophora, tilia, ed altri.

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 The Reinassance Garden
 Our passion for Green, in all its expressions, stimulated us to create a
 specific production doomed to the classical Italian garden. Our plants
 can be an efficacious aid for gardenrestoration in ancient villas and
 historical villages. We normally produce the underlisted plants
 following this particular “topiary” art:
buxus sempervirens
 arborescens, taxus baccata, viburnum tinus, hibiscus siriacus, acer
 campestre globosa, ecc.

 Japanese style Gardens
 Our production of plants in Japanese style comprehends pinus
 sylvestris, pinus mughus, carpinus betulus, parrothia persica and
 many more.

 The forms and the volumes are studied by following the typical lines
 of the oriental garden.
 Every year we fit in this kind of production new tipes of plants in
 order to offer a more and more efficacious instruments for
 personalized creations in a good aesthetic level.

 In our production are included autochthonal woodplants.
These trees are in the set of rules lists, currently in force, in order to
 support the realization of installations financeable by the European

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